We continue with the series of special offers #RestartPF

They will be valid for 20 days from publication, while stocks last.


Today's offer is about Rexroth modular valves HED, Z1, Z2, Z3, ZD


To receive the special offer valid only for the next 20 days, please contact us by email to info@parmafluid.com
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Code Description
R900444255 PRESSOSTATO HED 2 OA 2X/100
R900442140 PRESSOSTATO HED 3 OA 3X/100
R900441946 PRESSOSTATO HED 3 OA 3X/400
R901109538 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA 1X/630K14KW
R901094159 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA 2X/100K14KW
R901102711 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA 2X/100K14S
R901106448 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA 2X/200K14KW
R901102727 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA 2X/200K14S
R901102716 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA 2X/350K14KW
R901102778 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA 2X/350K14S
R901102704 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA 2X/50K14S
R901102706 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA-2X/100K14
R901102708 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA-2X/200K14
R901102710 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA-2X/350K14
R901101698 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OA-2X/50K14
R901095375 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OH 2X/100K14S
R901102362 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OH 2X/200K14S
R901102713 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OH 2X/350K14S
R901102712 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OH 2X/50K14S
R901102360 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OH-2X/100K14
R901099808 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OH-2X/200K14
R901101640 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OH-2X/350K14
R901107093 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OP 2X/200K14S
R901102365 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OP 2X/350K14S
R901106504 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OP 2X/50K14S
R901107095 PRESSOSTATO HED 8 OH 2X/350K14KW
Code Description
R900417570 VALVOLA Z1S 6 C1-3X/V
R901086090 VALVOLA Z1S 6 D05-4X/V
R901086051 VALVOLA Z1S 6 P05-4X/V
R901086058 VALVOLA Z1S 6 T05-4X/V
R901274759 VALVOLA Z1S 10 P05-1-4X/F
R900334981 VALVOLA Z1S 10 T3-3X/V
Code Description
R900411318 VALVOLA Z2DB 6 VC2-4X/315V
R900411357 VALVOLA Z2DB 6 VD2-4X/315V
R901423497 VALVOLA Z2DB 6 DC2-2X/350V
R900564570 VALVOLA Z2DBK 6 VD2-1X/210V
R900565002 VALVOLA Z2DBK 6 VD2-1X/50V
Code Description
R900481623 VALVOLA Z2FS 6-2-4X/1QV
R900481622 VALVOLA Z2FS 6-2-4X/2Q
R900481624 VALVOLA Z2FS 6-2-4X/2QV
R900517812 VALVOLA Z2FS 10-5-3X/V
R900032241 VALVOLA Z2FS 10A7-3X/S2V
R900459203 VALVOLA Z2FS 16-8-3X/S
R900457256 VALVOLA Z2FS 16-8-3X/S2
R900443176 VALVOLA Z2FS 22-8-3X/S2
Code Description
R900347495 VALVOLA Z2S 6-1-6X/
R900347504 VALVOLA Z2S 6-1-6X/V
R901374869 VALVOLA Z2S 6-1-6X/V/60
R900347496 VALVOLA Z2S 6-2-6X/
R900347497 VALVOLA Z2S 6-3-6X/
R900347506 VALVOLA Z2S 6-3-6X/V
R900347498 VALVOLA Z2S 6A1-6X/
R900347501 VALVOLA Z2S 6B1-6X/
R900407394 VALVOLA Z2S 10-1-3X/
R900407439 VALVOLA Z2S 10-1-3X/V
R900328797 VALVOLA Z2S 16-1-5X
Code Description
R901160168 VALVOLA Z3DR 6 VP2-1X/200MSV
Code Description
R900409889 VALVOLA ZDB 6 VA2-4X/100V
R900409886 VALVOLA ZDB 6 VA2-4X/200V
R900409893 VALVOLA ZDB 6 VA2-4X/315V
R900406615 VALVOLA ZDB 6 VA2-4X/50V
R900409854 VALVOLA ZDB 6 VB2-4X/200V
R900422061 VALVOLA ZDB 6 VB2-4X/315
R900409933 VALVOLA ZDB 6 VP2-4X/100V
R900409844 VALVOLA ZDB 6 VP2-4X/200V
R900409898 VALVOLA ZDB 6 VP2-4X/315V
R901422002 VALVOLA ZDB 6 DP2-2X/350MPV
R900564558 VALVOLA ZDBK 6 VA2-1X/210V
R900421265 VALVOLA ZDB 10 VA2-4X/200
R900409958 VALVOLA ZDB 10 VP2-4X/315V
Code Description
R900409981 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DA1-4X/150Y
R900409966 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DA1-4X/75Y
R900410849 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DA2-4X/150Y
R900410855 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DA2-4X/210Y
R900410813 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DA2-4X/75Y
R900410864 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DA3-4X/75Y
R900431172 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DB2-4X/150YM
R900431771 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DB2-4X/75YM
R900323180 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DP0-4X/40YM-W80
R900410806 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DP1-4X/150YM
R900409967 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DP1-4X/75YM
R900483787 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DP2-4X/150YM
R900483788 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DP2-4X/210YM
R900400663 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DP2-4X/210YMV
R900483785 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DP2-4X/25YM
R900483786 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DP2-4X/75YM
R900410865 VALVOLA ZDR 6 DP3-4X/75YM
R900564543 VALVOLA ZDRK 6 VP5-1X/50YMV
R900410884 VALVOLA ZDR 10 DA2-5X/150Y
R900411247 VALVOLA ZDR 10 DP1-5X/150YM
R900411246 VALVOLA ZDR 10 DP1-5X/210YM
R900410880 VALVOLA ZDR 10 DP2-5X/150YM
R900410876 VALVOLA ZDR 10 DP2-5X/210YM
R900410875 VALVOLA ZDR 10 DP2-5X/75YM


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