Parmafliuid is not only hydraulic but also C.MATIC pneumatic fittings Distributor:

Brass Nickel plated Push-in Fittings

They allow for a fast connection of calibrated plastic hoses at any stage of the pneumatic circuit. A wide range is available spanning 3 mm up to 14 mm Tube size, taper and parallel threads from M3 to 1/2 inch.



Stainless Steel Push-in Fittings
This fitting line is available in stainless steel 316 L and is provided with FPM seals. It is suitable for use in corrosive environments, to carry aggressive fluids or for any application in the food and chemical industry.



Acetal Push-in Fittings
The material used for this line, POM, grants lightness and rigidity to the fitting at the same time. It makes it stress and corrosion proof and thanks to these technical features, this line can easily replace the brass nickel plated fitting range.



For many years Parmafluid has had a well-stocked warehouse with pneumatic material and technical support for choice and installation.


We also produce various types of pneumatic systems using components from brands indicated by the clients.


One team, one partner, one technical support for all requirements in the hydraulics and pneumatics fields: this is how we wish to present ourselves to our clients.